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In the world today, with all the problems we see in every area of society, it is really necessary to make business education more enlightened. Hence our approach to achieve sustainability in all areas of life - Personal Sustainability, Economic Sustainability, and Environmental Sustainability. When one looks at almost any industry or area of government concern, whether the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry, or the justice system, one cannot help think, could it not be possible to create a more enlightened, ethical, caring, and sustainable approach to do business? For that, we need a new type of business leader - who is ethical, wise and a deep thinker; someone who is more considerate to all stakeholders and the environment; individuals who are integrated in all their thought, planning and action. Leaders who have grown deep from within.

Please read the additional sections to better understand our unique system of Consciousness-Based Education, that will surely become the standard for education worldwide. It may take time, as it is a relatively new approach (now 40-years old in the world), but we believe it is inevitable seeing the problems in educational achievement all over the world. Why? Because it works! It improves the lives of teachers and students in every way, and dramatically enhances educational, career, and social outcomes. Its results are just unprecedented anywhere in the world. It is also scalable, replicable, reliable, and its results are measurable, wherever it is properly implemented in any type of educational institution.

Learn more about the scientific research done on this approach in over 600 studies conducted at over 100 academic and research institutions around the world, and published in over 200 peer-reviewed scientific, medical, psychology, and educational journals. See the academic, sporting, scientific, and career results of institutions around the world that use this methodology.

Read about Transcendental Meditation, and its advanced programs, and why we use TM as the core tool of Consciousness-Based Education. Learn about the founder of this incredible methodology and system of education, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

So many of the world's celebrities, including doyens of South African industry and the arts, embrace, endorse, and practice the Transcendental Meditation technique used in the Maharishi Institute, as our foundation to Consciousness-Based Education. Read the 'Celebrities Loving It' page to find out who and why.

All students applying for the Maharishi Institute learn about Consciousness-Based Education and its core methods directly, for example the Transcendental Meditation technique, during the orientation phase, which means that before you actually register as a student, you have sufficient time and can make your own individualized thorough-assessment of whether this approach to education will work for you and is what you want. If it is the right place for you, you'll love this institute and its unique system of learning way beyond what you've always known as 'education'.

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